We offer a complimentary amenity corner and abundant rental equipment.
Enjoy your comfortable stay.

Facility equipment


We have PCs for viewing in the lobby, which can be used free of charge.

Smoking room

Smoking room is available on 5th floor.


Launderettes are available on 4th floor, convenient for long stays.

Vending machines

Vending machines are available on the 3rd, 6th and 9th floors.


Microwaves are available on 4th and 8th floor

Multipurpose room

Multipurpose room is available for changing diapers and changing clothes.

Rental Items


We have wine glasses, tableware, cutlery, etc. for rental.

Iron and ironing board

We have iron and ironing board for rental.


We have blankets for rental.

Thermometer, nail clipper, sewing set

We have thermometers, nail clippers for rental. Free sewing sets are also available.

Bed guard

We have a safe bed guards for children.

Baby bed

Baby beds are available for rent at 2,000yen per night.


Various pillows are available such as low rebound, buckwheat, feathers.

Hair irons

Hair irons, curling irons and curl dryers are available for rent.


We have conversion plugs and mobile phone chargers for rent.


Laptops are available for rent at 1,030yen per night.

DVD Players

DVD Players are available for rent at 500yen per night.

Amenities for kids

Night wear(rental), Toiletries for kids(free)

Shoes dryer, scale

We will lend it for free.

Free rental glass, tableware, iron, ironing board, blanket, thermometer, nail clipper, sewing set, bed guard, pillow, hair iron, curl dryer, conversion plug, mobile phone charger, desk lamp, extension cord, toothbrush for kids, pajamas for kids, shoe dryer
Lending for a fee baby bed (2,000 yen per night), laptop (1,030 yen per night), DVD player (500 yen per night)


Free service Morning and evening newspapers (Nikkei / Asahi etc.) / More than 20 types of amenities (cleansing soap / toner / mouthwash etc.)
Services for a fee Cleaning Service / Massage


Accepted credit cards VISA/JCB/American Express/Diner's Club/Master Card/UnionPay